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wear sleeveless clothes when spraying insecticides

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wear sleeveless clothes when spraying insecticides

Protection during operation:

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2.1 When using organic chlorinated compounds, operators should wear protective clothing and helmets. After completing the work of the day, they should clean and replace protective clothing.


2.2 when using organic phosphorus, operators should wear clean work clothes, wide brimmed hats, rubber gloves and rubber boots (slippers are not allowed) when applying drugs, and wash hands and take a bath immediately after work.


2.3 when using pyrethroids, wear clean work clothes, canvas shoes, rubber boots and work hats. After the work is completed, take a bath and change clothes. Disposable masks are recommended and exposure should be minimized. No more than 7 pumps per day (one pump after spraying the traditional Chinese medicine liquid of the spray).


2.4 when any liquid medicine touches the skin, it should be washed immediately. If the clothes are wet with pesticides, they should be replaced immediately.


2.5 the exposure time of the applicator shall not exceed the scheduled working time (usually 5-6 hours), and take a bath as soon as possible after the work.


2.6 personnel engaged in drug application must be in good health. All drug application personnel shall be subject to physical examination regularly. Those with significantly reduced cholinesterase activity shall stop drug application. Women during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation shall not engage in drug application.


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